Spiritual Artwork (UC)


Spiritual Artwork by Manish Jain, PhD. © 2012-18, All Rights Reserved.

Kindly note for each artwork presented on this page, I have personally put in a lot of effort, time and energy to develop an idea and expressed my thoughts in form of computer graphic and hand-drawn art. Copyrights on all the artwork presented here is on the  collage presented by Author’s own vision & opinion with all rights reserved.

I am also open to collaboration/ partnership with fellow artists on any novel ideas we can mutually discuss to create artwork with different perspectives. Please feel free to contact me.

Disclaimer: Proper acknowledge/ references will be provided for any work not made here by the artist. It is important for me, for both professional and morale reasons, to ensure  fair acknowledgement is stated on any of the spiritual-artwork post which used any external sources to present the work.  Following sources (no preferential order) were used in some of the artwork, where the author blended the  backgrounds using his own imagination to present the work: everystockphoto.com, wallpaperswide.com, interfacelift.com and wallcoo.net.

6 Replies to “Legal”

    1. Hi Gregg- Thank you for your interest. Please let me know which specific one you have an interest in order to see if I am able to or not as.Like stated in my link, work I make is using my imagination in conjunction with wallpapers from public websites so I want I am not intentionally compromising someone else’s copyright work.


  1. Hello,

    I am just wondering if I can print off a few of the Hawkins pictures to put on my Alter, It is easy enough to do, but I wanted to get your permission first on your beautiful work. Hawkins has been my teacher since 2012 and a really value his teachings. Thanks.


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