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Concept of Paradigm Shift: Back to The Oness → The Infinite Divinity ∞

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Concept of Paradigm Shift: Back to The Oness -Manish Jain

The above represents author, Manish Jain’s, concept of Paradigm Shift: In this collage, there is a fictitious person, as an example, who experiences two paradigm shifts…one coming from a level of limited boundary conditions who started to realize life is not limited between three walls (lower left) and she/ he makes a leap into the open space world (upper left) and then this person had another ‘shift’ where she/ he realized this is still all an illusion and its time to go to the Oneness, where lies the ultimate ever present Peace and Love, Joy and Tranquillity.

3 Replies to “Concept of Paradigm Shift: Back to The Oness → The Infinite Divinity ∞”

  1. Another brilliant artwork, I just realised I should zoom in to maximum to see all these fantastic details and different perspectives. The lower left is quite mysterious and the solitary tree above is enigmatic…


    1. Thanks Tiramit: Interesting point you made about the solitary tree…you see the light shining on the tree can be considered coming from the Infinity Chakra on the right-side which is how that individual may have got an awakening that her or his journey is not yet complete hence makes her/ his move towards the infinite potential. The concept of paradigm shift in my mind and to convert it to a presentation which was quite challenging and took a few days to accomplish but it was a fun experience to make this.


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