Free Customized Art and Coloring of Black & White (B&W) Photos

For vulnerable people in our society (sick, disabled, senior citizens), and (or) those who enjoy helping others or believe in ‘Pay It Forward’ approach to their life, I would like to offer my services stated below for no cost/ free. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, advice etc.

I can carefully customize computer graphic based artwork designs for desktop wallpaper, greeting card, mural, exhibition banners, business cards, logo of your choice.  At present I have following four options to select from:

Option 1. Using Spiritual Artwork Collage – If you like any collage shown on Spiritual Artwork, custom text can be included of your choice.

Option 2. Using Your Photographs  – You are welcome to send me your photograph, collage and text you would like to be included.

Option 3. Combination of Options 1 and 2 – Please email me your photograph and let me know which collage you would like this to be photo-shopped in with text.

Option 4. Special Request (Cost*: $50-$100)- This will include you sharing your idea of the computer art (and text). I will then spend time preparing collage closet to your request. This will also include two iterations if and where necessary. The cost for this will be fairly determined, in the above range, based on time and effort required to complete this task.

Any customized computer artwork will be sent to you electronically (via Email).

Coloring of Black and White (B&W) Photos (Cost*- $200): I also can color any B&W photos you may have.

* Free for everyone if you promise to help others via ‘Pay It Forward’ approach

Please email me if you have any questions. Kind Regards.


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